As things start to get back to (sort of) normal and businesses are trying to restart we want to offer help where possible. Businesses need to be digital more than ever right now and key to this is your website as this is the central, most integral piece of your digital jigsaw.

A website is often overlooked as business owners put their efforts into Facebook and other digital channels as these channels are see as more beneficial and in many cases that can be correct, after all this is where the people are but by focusing all your efforts in to social media you are leaving yourself wide open to be affected and in some cases destroyed by change.

What do I mean by change?

Over recent years we have seen instances where Facebook have changed the rules and they are within their rights to do this as they own the platform, they have changed the way a business can post, changed the way pages work and more and often this isn’t for the best in terms of business pages, one of the biggest changes in more recent times saw organic interaction and engagement drop like a sack of potatoes, this mean to get a good amount of people to see your posts you would have to start running adverts on the platform, for some businesses this was crippling and in many cases it saw businesses collapse and fold.

If you placed as much emphasis on your business website and made sure that this was up to date with similar information to your Facebook page and applied SEO techniques, turned Facebook posts into blog posts on your website etc you would always have that second piece of internet real estate to use but a website should not be secondary a website should be your business main shop front, it should contain all of the information about your business that you want to shout about and that you want people to know.

For example, I recently came across a haulage company that regularly invest hundreds of thousands into a fleet of stunning trucks and trailers, trucks and trailers that were wrapped in amazing graphics and logos, ferrying freight the width of the country on a daily basis, these trucks were passing office windows on industrial estates everyday across the whole country, I had a look at their website and it it had simply been left to rot, outdated photos and information and blog posts from 3 years ago, I had a look at their Facebook page and they were posting regular with photos of trucks and drivers as well as the warehouse being used etc. Now the problem here was that emblazoned across each and every one of those trucks and trailers was their website address, this means each time one of those wagons went past someone from the dispatch department in one of those office blocks on an industrial estate or passed the director of a company on the motorway who uses hauliers on a regular basis the website they were advertising didn’t give that potential customer any reason to get in touch with them to use their services, instead they were focusing their efforts on a Facebook page that lets face it, is probably attracting the wrong audience meaning the bottom line is, they are simply wasting their efforts. Haulage companies technically have FREE advertising across the whole of the country, ibut many of them don’t realise and don’t use it no where near effectively enough.

A Facebook page is a fantastic way for the right business to get in your customers or potential customers faces but it shouldn’t be the only place you use online, it should be an extension of your website, there are over 60,000 searches every second on Google, your customers are on there so you should make sure you are, used properly your website has the potential to be the most profitable medium on the internet and its always under your control, no one is really going to change the rules in a way that will finish you, OK Google often make changes to algorithms and the way things work but its usually for the best, its usually to help people find what they are looking for quicker and to give them better and more relative information, products and services this means all you have to do is be on your A game with your website.

When it comes to your webite you can have real input over how it looks, what content is on there, and which areas of the website to prioritse etc. Also, with techical issues, you can get help from a real person to help you solve them.

Working soley on Facebook means you have limited control and no input on what is a priority and what decisions are made with improvements and updates and if Facebook ever goes down or if your page experiences issues you can not speak to anyone about it.

Of course, it is possible to have both Facebook and website working together in perfect harmony, use your page and ads on Facebook to attract potential customers and clients and then direct them through to a comprehensive website to allow them to absorb much more important information about what you do and who you are etc.

The conclusion is, you should be using every available medium that offers your business a way of attracting customers, focus your efforts on what works but do not neglect your website, its often the first thing a potential customer will look at, even after seeing a Facebook post that customer may look to see how reputable you are by visiting your website, make sure its making the correct first impression.

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