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What do you use LinkedIn for?

LinkedIn, what’s it all about?

I’ve been a member of LinkedIn for a number of years now and have built up a large network of like minded business people, I may not connect with the vast majority of my network but i’m interested in that network as a whole, I like to read posts and updates and love connecting with people from a vast array of businesses and industries.

All of this aside, I have to admit I’ve probably never used LinkedIn to its full potential so over the last few months have started to touch base with more people in my network, I’ve started to actually network and introduce myself to a few more people and tell them what we do, in most cases a conversation begins and you find out what you both do and if there is any potential to work with each other.

I have also tried to begin using it to actually prospect for new business and I spend time researching a business, have a look at their website and if I think I can help improve it or if I think the connection may benefit from my services I will send a quick message introducing myself and telling them how we may be able to help and again a conversation begins and it has always been the start of a conversation, OK they don’t always lead to work but it gets your name out and plants a seed that may grow into something more fruitful.

I get the odd message myself from time to time and if it is something that interests me or something I need or know of someone else who needs it I will engage in a conversation with that person, if not I may just move on.

I messaged a connection over the weekend who has no website although they had a link in there profile, I told them what we do and that we may be able to help, a few days later I had a reply and the connection started a conversation and asked me about prices to which I gave, they then said they are busy at the minute so it may be something for August but also suggested that they knew it was something that they really needed, after a couple of days of thinking, this morning I went back and messaged with what I thought may be a solution that first and foremost gets me and my business a new customer but also, genuinely may help my connection get a new website online at an affordable price.

All of a sudden, the conversation took a sour turn and I was accused by a connection who, lets not forget had replied to my original message, of looking desperate and being pushy! I was taken aback a little, after all this was a LinkedIn message to someone I had already been having a conversation with, It wasn’t a cold call, my initial reaction was to apologise but I was told we needed to remove each other and carry on our business and I was then offered a tip…

“In future don’t message so much as you look pushy and desperate…”

Now dont get me wrong, it slightly bothered me at first but in business, as most of you will know, you have to move on, but it made me think and prompted me to write this post to ask what people think of LinkedIn, as a business owner I feel if you have a lead that shows a sign of potential then you should do everything in your power to try and get that lead over the line, if as a business owner you aren’t desperate for a sale then I think you should question yourself, after all, isn’t business about making money and creating revenue, is it not first and foremost cash and income that keeps the business going? I understand there are ways to conduct yourself and I feel I do that very well and professionally.

I guess the point I’m making and question I’m asking is if you are on LinkedIn, a networking site and you get a message from another business owner and don’t like it or take offence, or get annoyed then are you in the wrong place? I think if you are putting yourself in a network of any sort then you should expect to get the odd message here and there and if it’s something you aren’t interested in, ignore it or politely explain the situation, don’t take offence and blast the sender.

There was no nastiness in my message or anything to offend, not even any sort of real pressure, it was simply me thinking the original price I quoted may have been a little too much to layout so me going back with another option.

I also understand that people on LinkedIn will all have different opinions but I just wondered if anyone else has come across this type of situation and did it make them wonder what the point of LinkedIn was?

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