Website pricing

How Much should I expect to pay for a Website from Alpha360?

No nonsense here, we get straight to the point.

Many other web designers will wing this bit often depending on how much they need the business, and everyone wants new business right? Yes, but at what cost, it has to work for all involved, we have nothing to hide and we are good at what we do.

OK yes, there are numerous factors involved with pricing a website such as, what you need on the website and how long the project may take but still, we have put together a package that gives you absolutley everything you need for a very professional and succesful website.

Custom Web Design & Development

From £1,995 delivered in 8 weeks

Complete design and build of a bespoke, mobile-responsive, WordPress-powered website constructed around your business and it’s goals. Together we will discuss your requirements and put togther a timescale with realistic dates and targets to guide your project from planning through to the launch of your website. Are you ready to take the leap and get started?

What do you get?

Discovery session

Either face to face or as a conference call, we eill provide you with a full session of brainstorming for your website. We want to hear your ideas and tell you ours, we will make plenty of notes and thrash out lots of ideas to help us with our mock up and website examples.

Mock-up design

Using the information gathered at the discovery session combined with our knowledge and expertise we will provide you with a few design ideas and a mockup of our website ideas.

A stunning new website

A brand new website built to work alongside your business, attract the perfect customer and help you grow. Working with you we will provide all the pages you need to display the correct information at the right time.

Mobile compatible design

Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than tripled from 24% to 88% between 2010 to 2019 so with this in mind we will build your site so it works perfectly on every device, especially mobile.

Built with WordPress

WordPress is extremely popular and one of the most trusted web platforms available. With full access to your website you can make changes and keep it up to date once it’s live. 

All the tools you need

Email marketing, contact forms, social media integration and much more. Your website will be built with everything you need to create a professional online presence.

Search engine optimised

Your website will be built around key words and phrases relevant to your business, this will ensure you start to climb the search engines where people are searching for your business, products and services.

Blog, news or how to section

Customised blog or latest news section where your website visitors can read news and information about your business and industry.

Full training

We will train you on all aspects of your new website, we will walk you through each and every aspect and outline what it does, how it works and what it can do for your business.

Domain name & hosting

We can provide you with a custom domain name and powerful website hosting with 24/7 support making sure your website always runs at it’s full potential.

Still unsure? Why not talk to us about wrapping all of this up into our management package and pay monthly?

Our 8 week, 7 step process

1 - 50% DEPOSIT

After you have decided we are the team to build you a stunning new website we will take a deposut of 50% of the full price.


Once we receive your deposit we will arrange the discovery session with you, this will be at a time and a place that suits you and can even be a phone call.


After we have gathered all of your information from the discovery session we will set about putting your mockup together.


Once your mockup is ready we will send it to you for your approval and at this stage you can give us your feedback on the design  and layout.


After your approval and once we have thrashed out exactly how the website will look and work, we will set about building the website.


When we have finished the development process we will set about testing the website and then launch it onto the world wide web.


Once live and all in perfect working order we will take the final 50% payment.

Available extras to help take your website further


You’re eager to get your new website up and running but you’re not sure about writing all of the content? We can help put together the correct, user-friendly copy to captivate and engage your ideal audience and customer.


Got lots of work you want to show off? We can design and develop a fully customised portolio section to showcase your work and company.


Maybe you have products to sell or training courses available, if so we can add a fully customised ecommerce section to your website where customers can buy products or book training sessions.

Let's get the ball rolling...

Talk to us about your website

If you are finding your website doesn’t get the TLC it requires to help show off your business or if you just don’t seem to be getting enough out of your website then we would love to talk to you about managing it for you.

Call us, fill out our form or drop us an email with some details and we will be in touch.