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Web Presence Management

We can take over the management of your website and you won’t need to worry about poor performance, updates or security breaches again.

Many business owners massively overlook the importance of a website for their company and in 2018 this is ludicrous! That said, we understand why this happens. A website can be a full-time job for someone, especially if there isn’t someone within the business that knows how to look after it or doesn’t enjoy doing so, to employ someone in-house that is dedicated to looking after it will cost upwards of £18k per year and these are the reasons why many business owners just ignore the importance of a website.

In todays fast paced world, a potential customer will no doubt try to find your business or services related to your business on the internet first, if you aren’t there one of your competitors probably will be, if you are there but your website is stale and uninviting then this is also off-putting, you have around 4 or 5 seconds to make that all important first impression, let us help you make it a good one!

Looking after your website on a regular basis and making sure it is running correctly is a time-consuming task, add to this optimising it so it actually works for your business and you are basically creating a new position in your company, and in this day and age a comprehensive website that is up to date and maintained regularly is a must.

Our web presence management solution is perfect for any business in this situation as we really will take care of the whole thing.

Alpha360 know that one size doesn’t fit every business, so we will tailor our website management solutions to suit your exact requirements.

Our Webmaster Service Includes

  • Website content updates including new pages and news stories as and when required.
  • Basic SEO to help your website climb the search engines for search terms related to your business
  • In-depth checks and audits to diagnose any current problems and identify any issues and then repair if necessary.
  • Regular module and CMS updates and upgrades to keep your site up-to-date and performing at the highest level possible.
  • Daily backups of your website.
  • Security improvements and updates to keep your site protected against hackers and cyber attacks and free from harmful viruses.
  • Performance optimisation to help improve speed, accessibility, functionality and user experience.
  • High-speed, reliable website hosting.
  • Staff training options to help you maintain and manage your website properly and efficiently.
  • A dedicated webmaster for a fraction of the salary you would pay in-house
  • Implementation and reporting of analytics to help you measure your success.
  • An expert, highly-experienced and trustworthy service with a portfolio of clients to prove it – we currently provide managed services for a large number of SME’s across the UK



"I was struggling to keep on top of things but I knew I had to do it. Someone suggested speaking with Alpha360 about their management service so I did and I've never looked back, everything is just taken care of and they are literally available 24/7. Very happy!"

Mick - Transport Services

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