The problems with website builders and how they can impact your time and business

This week I have spoken to 2 potential new website clients that have been using a website builder for their business website, this is a do it yourself website platform. Both of these business websites were a complete mess but the customer didn’t realise how much of a mess until we had a chat and I explained what the problems were, the time invested in both of these sites was simply ridiculous.
Now don’t get me wrong, there are businesses out there that may make a go at these website platforms and get something off the ground that works, but from experience this is very rare. In most cases the websites we come across that have been built in this way are a total mess. They are a great idea in principle but the practicality of them needs to be considered.
A typical example of the way these website builders work is this. The business owner sees an advert for a ‘FREE easy to use, DIY website builder’ or ‘Get a website for £1’ or something along these lines, and thinks, I can save some money on my website here no problem. They start out with all the good intentions and all the will in the world but with no plan, so they pick some stock image or some crappy image from their phone as a header image or a slider (this is usually the first thing a potential customer will see!!), then some text off the top of their head and it all goes down hill from there, they see that as done, in the back of their mind is Ill get back to this later but more often than not later never comes and it never gets done, they don’t get any customers or enquiries at all but don’t recognise this as being the problem, they fail to realise that the competition has possibly invested a good few quid in a website and online presence and are getting the enquiries that they aren’t.

Lets look at some facts:

  • If you have business cards with your website address on, you are advertising the website.
  • If you wear any branded workwear you are advertising your website.
  • If you have a van with your web address on, you are advertising the website.
  • If you do any sort of networking, you are telling people about your business and advertising your website.
  • If you have customers that talk about the great services you have done, you are advertising your website.
All of the above are means of you advertising your website without you doing much or knowing much about it, you’re stood in Tesco or somewhere similar with branded work wear on and someone is interested in what you do or needs the service you are advertising, they google you and either can’t find you or when they do your website puts them off, or maybe you drive past someone who is looking for help with what you do, they remember your name and same as above and so on…
web builder issues

On any given day Google alone receives 63,000 searches PER SECOND!

That’s 3.8 million potential customers each and every minute, of each and every day, looking for solutions to solve issues, wants and needs in their everyday lives, if you’re website isn’t working properly for you, you are missing out.

The common problem with a website builder or as I mentioned, a DIY website is that there is no real thought process involved, usually the only thought is ‘Ill save myself some money’ where in actual fact, if you take into consideration the time spent building a website that has no direction and no user experience at the heart of it combined with the lack of visitors its going to receive, you’re probably costing way more than it actually would be to employ an expert to do it for you.

User Experience or UX is key.

In a note, UX is massively important because this is where you are fulfilling the needs and wants of the user. This is the process that will provide a positive experience on your website, providing them with the information they need about your business, brand, products or services and a well thought out user experience will help you build the customer journey that works for your business, driving them to the parts of your website where you want them to take action. To build a good user experience takes a bit of thought and a good bit of planning with someone who has experience in doing so, someone who knows how to lay out a web page with images that capture the attention, text that sells your business properly and call to actions that make people want to buy from you or make an enquiry.

Good design DOES count.

Good design works wonders, a website should be easy on the eye while also portraying the business in a positive manner, good use of fonts and colours is key as you are trying to invite the user in, if you’re going shopping on the high street you’re more likely to walk into a shop that looks nice with nice branding and a gorgeous window layout than you are to a shop that looks old and miserable or with a window layout that they haven’t spent any time with, its as simple as that, from a customer point of view, if a company can’t be bothered making themselves look nice or taking care of their own ‘shop front’ how on earth are they going to treat you or even worse treat your home or premises?
Put simply, if you’re a plumber go and plumb, if you’re a joiner concentrate on that side of your business, haulier then haul that freight and those pallets across the country, whatever you do as a business go do that and pay a web designer to design your website, pay an SEO expert to optimise your website for the search engines, the internet has been the place to market your business for a long time and with the current situation across the world its now an even more essential marketing tool than ever but the competition on there also means you have to be at the top of your game.
Most website design agencies, including ours, will give you a completely free consultation to discover if you are a good fit for each other and to help open your eyes about the possibilities for your business, to find out how Alpha360 can help you drop me an email on or call our office on 0333 090 2872