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The Importance of your business website design

Dont dismiss the power of website design for your business

Mark BennettMany business owners especially small business owners seriously overlook the power of the internet for marketing their business. Of course, one of the main issues, is website design cost, cost alone is often a deciding factor in whether a business has a website or doesn’t have a website. A solution to this, and one I am not a big fan of is, online DIY website builders (no names shall be mentioned in the writing of this blog) and a couple of reasons why are:

If you run a business that is in no way connected to actually operating online, and by that i mean the only reason your business would have a website is, for example as an online brochure, then why on earth would you attempt to build a business website? A digital marketing tool that should be built using processes connected to user behaviour which usually only comes with experience and specific knowledge? It is like asking a web designer with no plumbing experience to install a bathroom.

Secondly, and here is one that may raise a few eyebrows, I personally don’t see the point of a free website for a business, especially if the website has a specific goal or if you want that website to do something in particular, for example act as an online brochure for your business. I really think you should make a solid commitment to a website and make some sort of financial investment into it and the reason for this is because is with that commitment comes a responsibility to get a ROI and this should give you more motivation to make sure the website design is correct and the site is built and maintained to a good standard and again the obvious, stand out reason would be that the site would probably be designed by someone with some web design ‘know how’.

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Website designers often get a bum deal when pitching for work (believe me, I know) and especially when ringing businesses to offer their services, business owners are often on the defensive and don’t usually don’t want to speak with us because at some point within the last few years a web designer will have possibly promised them the earth and delivered them nothing anywhere near. If you are a business owner reading this post then my advice would be, don’t just dismiss us, if you are busy make an appointment to speak with at another time and the reason I say this is because personally I spend quite a bit of time researching a business before I make contact with them in any way, I find businesses with website design that I think I can improve, I then do some digging to see if the company is still active and find out who owners and directors are, I then may try and find them on social media and connect with them or if not I often resort to an introduction via snail mail (the old fashioned way) and then follow up with a call, I have found this to be quite an effective way of getting to the person I need to speak to and have won some good business this way and if I’m calling you it’s probably because I think I can help you with your online presence and marketing.

One of the other reasons business owners don’t see the value of a website is because a previous site did not perform for them or they didn’t see results from it.
Now there are 2 arguments here and I will start with the previous website not performing, now this could be down to a number of reasons but in most cases I would guess it simply hadn’t been designed properly or kept up to date or again referring back to earlier, it was possibly built by the business owner or someone working in the office who had been reading a ‘HTML For Dummies’ book and knocked something together that everyone was impressed with but that wasn’t built with any design or marketing in mind.

A website has a number of seconds to impress the visitor, the theory is 6 seconds but you know yourself this can be chopped to 2 or 3 seconds depending on speed or the first thing you see when it does load not being relevant to why you are on the site, and in recent years as website design has improved and there are more websites about, user patience has grown thinner and a website has a lot to do to capture the attention, yet another reason why someone with skill, knowledge and at least experience of building business websites should be tasked with the job.

The other argument, the business owner didn’t see any results from a site can be quite broad and again could come down to how and who built the site, or if or if not any analytics were added to the site to measure performance? If so, was the business owner able to read it to determine whether or not there was any sort of success, did they know if any enquiries came from the website? Did they ask?

Now moving on to reasons why a website is a good idea for a business, any business, in fact and not just a good idea but an essential part of your marketing mix. I’ve said this a million times, everytime I write a blog post on this subject it contains the phrase:

A website allows your business to be ‘open’ 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and 365 days per year.

And it is true, the fact is people are searching online for your products or services right now and you can guarantee a number of your competitors will have websites that are placing their business information in front of these people, at the very least this is reason alone why you should have a website that allows you to compete with them, a site that allows your business an equal opportunity to capture these potential customers.

Now let’s revisit the cost issue, what do you think you need to pay for a website designed by a professional company? £2000? £1000? Well yes you can pay these prices, in fact you can often pay more than the prices above but for a simple brochure site with a handful of pages (usually enough for a sole trader or small business) you can quite easily find a company that will build what you need for between £300 and £500, any serious business owner should be willing to pay this cost to have a professional website built because in most cases these prices allow for an easy return on your investment.

The bottom line is, a website is an extension of your shop, office or other workplace and allows you to keep information about your business up to date, a website with an ongoing SEO plan then helps the search engines display your information to the people looking for you, throw in some social media across a couple of different platforms and before you know it you are building a variety of different audiences, you can then push information about products and services to these audiences and if your content is good people will share it to their audiences and you can now see the opportunities that can be created by having a business website.

Every now and then one of the things I do at Alpha360 is provide a ‘try before you buy’ website service, I will build a website for your business and let you actually see it working, you can see exactly what you are getting and how the site will work, we can then work together to tweak aspects of it to include your ideas and then once you are happy you pay us the price in full and we launch the site, now this is slightly risky on our part but I can usually get a feel from the customer if they are serious or not.

Our latest project was for Roboris Construction, a construction company in Burnley, a very good construction company providing high quality work across Lancashire but with no website, this business is the perfect example of the online brochure style site, a site to show off work and what the business does and is about, this type of site can grow and evolve with the business, even in terms of design. The site can be seen here

For a chat with me regarding your business site or how Alpha360 can help your business improve it’s online presence feel free to get in touch with me directly on I am more than happy to arrange a free consultation to at the very least offer some advice and knowledge.

Mark Bennett

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