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We're a well-rounded and skilled agency that will help your business succeed online...


Alpha 360 Digital Ltd was born in 2009 when Mark Bennett decided to turn his web design and digital marketing hobby into a business.

After looking into how to setup a business and meeting with local government organisations I made a call to, Bruce Thomas, someone I had done a small web project for in 2007 as a sub contractor.

Bruce was in the process of building Modern English Media in Manchester and although he was super busy he offered me the help to get me going. We met a couple of times face to face and drew up some plans to help small businesses utilise the social network Facebook, Bruce knew that business owners would soon turn to Facebook (and Twitter etc) to market themselves as this was where people were ‘hanging out’ online.

The plan was built and we secured a startup grant from the government and a small office in Northbridge House in Burnley. We kitted the office out with some used gear (an old Mac and some recycled desks from a friend) and away we went.


Initially we spoke with all the Premier League football clubs as, at the time, there was only 1 or 2 of them dipping their toes into social media. We secured a number of meetings which went well but didn’t turn into much yet we saw it as successful as we had managed to open eyes to the possibilities.

We eventually got a deal with Bolton Wanderers and worked with them for around 2 years.

We also managed to secure a large contract with a local trust for more than just social, we were asked to redevelop around 15 websites for each department of their business and this was the contract that really kicked us off, this opened us up to different things and we were now looking at not just social media but websites as well, we were now planning on being a complete digital agency.


Over the coming years Modern English Media grew into a monster of an agency and Bruce secured work with the likes of the BBC and some large record companies working with Blur and more recently the Foo Fighters and Dua Lipa.

Around 2011 we secured a project to provide a complete management service for a new customer, they had a great business with a dated website and a paid ad campaign that was leaking money.

Alpha360 provided a redesign of the website, rewrote all of the content, changed images and improved organic rankings, this meant within approx 2 months we turned off the paid ads and the site could stand on its own 2 feet. This is still one of our clients today!

Each and every Alpha360 client is given a personal service, and its this service that provides them with peace of mind as we are on hand 24/7 to answer any questions or to fix any issues and the core service of complete management proves to be very valuable.

a freindly agency with a 'can do' approach.

A creative digital agency based in Lancashire combining website design and development, mobile and SEO.

We build great looking websites that work hard for your business. Whether it be a website to drive marketing campaigns towards, a website to dominate search engine rankings or purely a brochure that people can find after following sign writing on your van or print advertising!

We provide ongoing SEO campaigns to boost your website’s position on search engines such as Google and Bing for your chosen keywords and phrases, putting you in front of people searching for your products or services.

We also provide social media marketing services on sites like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.