Is your website working for you, attracting potential customers online is a difficult task, retaining their attention can be even harder.

Your website should be designed and constructed with a user in mind, keeping frustration to a minimum. Here are a handful of tips to help:

  • Navigation – Nothing annoys a visitor to your website more than bad navigation, they want to find what they are looking for and get there quickly, bad navigation is an instant turn off. Make sure menus, links and buttons are clear to find and easy to use.
  • Adverts and popups – Do not overload your visitors with popups and adverts that aren’t relevant, slowing them down while they try to manoeuvre through your website will only deter them and they’ll soon be moving on.
  • Content structure – Your content structure can either win or lose a potential customer, your content should be easy to find, its estimated that around 50% of sales/enquiries are lost across the internet because people cannot easily find what they are looking for.
  • Audio & Video – While video is a big thing, people want to choose what to watch or listen to and anything that auto loads or auto plays is a big deterrent. A paragraph of text can often convey the same message as a video so test to see what works best.
  • Registration Gates – Forcing visitors to register or join your newsletter in order to view certain content or areas of your site can be a massive no no. The best way to get a registration is to subtly place your registration form in a sidebar or in the footer and tell the visitor why they should register.
  • Captivate your users with epic design – Use design to interact, you don’t have to go mad but at least use images and colour schemes that are inviting, combine them with functional layout and nice fonts and you’re on to a winner.
  • Keep it up to date – Even though you get the correct balance with all of the previous points, if your site isn’t kept up to date with fresh content the site can become stale and off putting.

All in all your website needs to make the best first impression possible, remember, your visitors can come from a number of avenues such as links in ads, business cards, van signage and referrals so make sure your website is in great shape to capture the attention of them.

Go smash your week.

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